aerial yoga


Jessie Hill found her way into a yoga studio after years of athletics. While competing at the University of Maryland as a hammer thrower, Jessie never really took time to listen to and take care of her body. Once she was finally done competing, Jessie felt a void from no longer being part of a team, so she stumbled into a studio and the rest is history. What started out as a sport replacement, quickly became so much more. It wasn't long before old teammates and coworkers were asking for yoga lessons, so Jessie completed her 200-hour YTT with the intention of deepening her practice. 

Initially, Jessie was drawn to the fiery, challenging side of the asana, which led her to explore acroyoga- a partner yoga practice with acrobatic inspirations. To deepen her inversion & partner practice, Jessie traveled to Bali, Indonesia for her 100-hour ACROVINYASA training. This practice cultivates trust and communication in a powerful way, and Jessie just couldn't get enough. After a year of teaching ACROVINYASA, Jessie returned to Bali for another 100-hours of AV to complete her level 2 training. 

While Jessie loved the strength she found from practicing inversions and challenging asana on the mat and with a partner, it wasn't long before she felt drawn to exploring flight in the aerial hammock. After completing level 1 and 2 Aerial Yoga Training, Jessie became hooked to using the sling as a prop. What's most fascinating is how intertwined all of these practices are- you can practice acro to improve your solo mat practice... you can use aerial to improve your acro and inversion practice... and you can have a whole lot of fun while doing it, while also improving your functionality and mobility for everyday life. 

Ultimately, Jessie believe yoga is for everyBODY and using the aerial hammock is one way to make poses accessible and exciting to the student. Her passion for this practice is what brought Flow & Fly Yoga to life. 

aerial yoga


Traci first started yoga as a way to condition for sports and was quickly drawn to the additional mental benefits her practice also provided! She practiced hot power yoga until an injury caused her to slow down. She found her way into a restorative class and loved how the props provided support in different poses for a deeper yet easily accessible stretch. Wanting to explore more styles of yoga with props Traci went to an aerial yoga class and became completely obsessed! It was a combination of her new love of prop support and the fire she had missed from her hot power days. Her love and passion for aerial yoga was taken to the next level when she met Jessie Hill. They connected on so many different levels a special bond was formed and Flow & Fly magic was created!

Credentials: 200 YTT, Aerial YTT Level 1&2, Reiki Level 1&2, Thai Yoga Massage Level 1, Currently completing 300 YTT